Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Broom Service Cleaners provides quality cleaning services with a commitment to excellence.

Broom Service Cleaners strives to provide the best cleaning service possible. Excellence is who we are. We desire to develop strong relationships with our customers. Communication is key to any relationship, and it is key to our business. We take an interest in you and your expectations. We are willing to customize any cleaning service to meet the customer’s needs, and believe you will be pleased with the value of our service. We stand behind our services, products, and employees.

Our Business Philosophy

Quality, qualified, trustworthy cleaning professionals are the key to excellent service. All employees must go through a one-on-one interview, background checks, orientation, safety training, written testing, and trial cleaning before being hired. Employees are trained in professional window washing, biohazard material care, stain removal, carpet cleaning, floor treatment, restroom sanitization, and proper general cleaning techniques. All Broom Service Cleaners employees conduct themselves with the highest integrity on the job and in their personal life.

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Our Core Values

  • Relationships: “We take an interest in you”
  • Excellence: “It’s not just how we clean, but who we are”
  • Custom: “Cleaning that meets your needs”
  • Value: “You will like what you pay for”
  • Integrity: “On the job and at home”

Our Founder and President

Davis Jaspers
Davis Jaspers moved to Chesapeake, Virginia from Wisconsin in 2007 employed as a retail manager. In 2009, he encountered a group of seminary students who, due to the failing economy, found themselves laid-off and without work. Seeking to provide support for them and future students, he expanded the family cleaning business to the greater Tidewater area. Meticulous attention to detail has characterized Davis’ life. A desire for excellence coupled with a belief in strong customer relationships are the foundation he brings to Broom Service Cleaners.

Davis is married to his high school sweetheart, MiKayla. Their family includes three miniature dachshunds Paisley, Bentley, and Riley.